Auditing services use the most modern methods &techniques .

• Modern Accountants& Co. has ability to respondeffeciently to client’s requirementsthrough providing higly qualified &
     well –trained staff with vast experience in the financial services fields.

• Qualified staff has the ability to respond to clients’ requirements pertaining to legal issues such asCompanies’Law,
     Tax Law, Central Bank law, & other local laws.

• G&C provide test of Internal Control System which is one of the most important techniques protecting Companies

• Random testing of documents is one of the practices used by G&C in order to verify authenticity of documents.

• G&C qualified staff is capable of preparing proforma financial information.

• Another uditing service provided is analyzing elements of financial position which could help us in evaluating Capital
     Relevency, Liquidity & Collection Period.

• Participating in establishment of public shares companies & limited liability companies.